Do you really need a Residential Project Manager?

Wakahara prefer to work directly with our clients in English to ensure the client gets the best possible service without adding an additional layer of communication (miscommunication) nor adding an unnecessary 1 or 2% to the building price.

We give long term warranties and pride ourselves on our after delivery service so it is important that we have good lines of communication. We have been around for 50 years and will still be around for another 50 years.

Common reasons given for using a Project Manager

The project manager will assume ownership of the project from inception to completion, help organize and lead the team that will serve your specific needs and work to see the entire process through successfully.

Assumes ownership but no responsibility, this is passed onto the licensed construction company.

A project manager will help you determine which spaces will work best for you, provide preliminary budgets, schedule the project from design to completion, help with building permitting and soliciting vendors, selecting contractors and hold job-site meetings throughout construction.

This is all done in house without a middle man making the process slower and more cumbersome.

By handing the reins of the day-to-day scheduling, vendor management and construction oversight to a project manager, your time is free to focus on your life.

In architecture and design it is essential for the client`s desires to be accurately input and reflected in the final outcome, without being filtered through a middleman. The clients time will be used in this process project manager or not.

A project manager’s number one goal is to ensure that your project delivers on time and on budget, without compromising the quality of the work.

We always deliver high quality work on time and on budget.

With years of experience under their belt, your project manager should have a solution at the ready for any issue that may pop up during your build-out process.

Our experienced, qualified architects and engineers ensure that your dream house is built without anything “popping up”.