Project Information

"During the fall and winter of 2011/2012, I engaged Wakahara Construction to build our vacation home in Niseko. Due to some unexpected delay in the approval process, we didn't start ground breaking until early August. By any standard, I think it is quite late as we need to close the roof before first snow fall in mid November.

Through sheer determination and dedication, Ichie and her crew at Wakahara managed to get it done on time and within budget. During certain weeks in the fall, they were working first in the driving rain and then in the driving snow. But the elements could not stop them.

During our visit to the construction visit on a very wet evening in the fall, I spotted a few giant outdoor spot lights, For a moment, I thought we walked into a movie production set. Ichie told me that the spot lights were there to enable her crew to work at night in order to meet the closing roof deadline.

With Wakahara, the entire home building project was a very smooth and happy process for my family. I trust Wakahara can repeat their success with other families".

– E.L., Hong Kong